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FINALLY Found Compression Socks That Aren’t A Workout To Get On...BUT Provide Optimal Support

I can’t be the only one who broke out in a sweat trying to get my compression socks on… 

When I started to get severe foot pain about a year ago I went to my doctor and he suggested I try wearing compression socks to work. I mean I would be lying if I told you I was excited to wear compression socks (they aren’t the sexiest thing on the planet).

BUT I learned that foot pain is something almost every American experiences at some point during their life…so I was not alone! Phew!

So, I took my doctors advice and purchased some compression socks on my way home from the appointment. I got home and decided I should start the healing process right away! Queue *sweating*...how do they expect people to get these on. I was dripping sweat and my hands were killing me from struggling to get the socks up my calves. Needless to say I didn’t wear these socks very much cause they took me way too long to get on (and I don’t need a workout while putting on socks..thanks). 

I let a few months go by without wearing any compression socks...until I started to notice some dark blue veins showing up on my legs. This is when I learned there is ONE big sign that your body is headed down a dangerous path…and that’s the appearance of Varicose Veins (the dark blue veins)! Varicose veins are a sign that your heart is working overtime to pump blood through your body, and you should do something about it right away!

I started to research what to do about Varicose Veins and the number one thing I found was...you guessed it - compression socks! UGH. Well I guess I should get used to those morning sweat sessions while putting my socks on.

Ya...that lasted about a week.

UNTIL my good friend suggested I try Alpha Sole’s Copper Infused Compression Socks.


The difference between these compression socks and others that I’ve tried is astonishing! It truly is like night and day. It's amazing how easy and simple it is to put them on and feel the pain vanish.

Their socks are proven to improve blood circulation, swelling, revive tired feet and legs and control odor using brand new copper infused technology!

The socks are made with high quality, breathable material and feel so comfortable and supportive when you put them on...AND I have to mention again they are so easy to get on - Hallelujah!

My favourite thing about my Alpha Sole socks is I got the confidence to start hiking and cycling again! Since my feet and calves were finally getting the support they needed during the day, they were still plenty energized and strong enough for me to enjoy after work activities! (Something I haven’t been able to do for over a year.)

After about a month of wearing the socks everyday, I noticed my varicose veins were improving! They didn’t throb as much after a long day and the dark blue color was starting to get lighter and lighter.

My husband even pointed out that my legs looked great and asked if I was getting laser treatments done on my veins. It was like music to my ears. 

It might have been a mix of wearing the socks and adding exercise back into my routine, but either way, my legs haven’t looked or felt this good in years!

If you’re planning to try compression socks to get foot or leg pain relief, I highly recommend you start with the Alpha Sole Compression Socks!

They are currently having a SALE! If you're not happy with it, you can always return them for a full refund. They have the best customer service - I can’t rave about this company enough. 

-- Sarah. H 

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FINALLY Found Compression Socks That Aren’t A Workout To Get On...BUT Provide Optimal Support